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Sessions and Prices in 2022 Summer Season

From 30th April: Admission price for Universal Credit or Pension Credit £1.50 for any session, Under 5's  go free 



  • 7-8am Adult (16+) lanes session - £3.50

  • 8-9am Adult (16+) lanes session - £3.50

  • 9-10am Adult (16+) lanes session - £3.50

  • 10-11am Adults (16+) gentle swim session, inc lanes - £3.50

  • 12 noon-3pm Open session, inc lanes - £4.00 Adult, £1.50 Child

  • 3.30-6.30pm Open session, inc lanes - £4.50 Adult, £1.50 Child

  • 6.30-8.00pm Evening lanes swim - £4 Adult, £1.50 Child (10+)


  • 9-10am Adult (16+) lane session- £3.50

  • 10-11am Adult (16+) lanes session - £3.50

  • 11-12pm Adult (16+) lanes session - £3.50

  • 1-4pm Open session (inc up to 2 lanes) - £4.50 Adult, £1.50 Child

  • 4.30-7.30pm Open session (inc up to 2 lanes) - £4.50 Adult, £1.50 Child



Booking is strongly advised for all swims at the Pells. 

This is where you can book tickets for all sessions.

Tickets for all sessions will be released one week in advance.

The booking pages have all the information on session times and prices. This year we are no longer running our waiting list system as it unfortunatly wasnt working how we expected it to.

Please note - the total number of spaces left for a session is shown at the top of each session slot.

You will need your credit or debit card when booking on this site: payments will be taken via the Stripe system. 

If there are any problems we shall seek to resolve them as rapidly as possible

The adult concession discount can be booked online. Be prepared to show proof of your receipt of Universal Credit if requested by pool staff when you enter the pool.



Class Pass system

We no longer offer full season tickets, instead we now offer class passes. These can be found on our booking page when you go to book a swim. Each pass entitles you to discounted swims and are valid right up until we close on the 4th of November 2022. The following class passes are avalible:

Adult swim pass - 15 swims: £40

Adult swim pass- 30 swims: £72

Adult swim pass- 60 swims: £120

Adult swim pass- 100 swims: £150

Universal credit- 10 swims: £10

These are passes per person (so you can't book in more than one person per session using the same class pass). You can however book any session and more than one session a day. We hope this helps those who are regular Pells swimmers and supporters.

The class passes do not give you any priority on booking or an entitlement to a particular session - if sessions are full they are full. The same rules on ticket transfer and refunds also apply to class passes as they do to individual bookings. 



Pool Hire

The pool is occasionaly avalible for private hire. Please email us at pellspoolmanager@gmail.com to find out information avaliblity.

Any questions not covered here?