Friends of Pells 2020


Invitation to become a friend of the Pells Pool 2020

As announced in our recent newsletter, in response to generous offer of financial help from our season ticket holders and others, we are now launching our 'Friends of the Pells Pool' fundraising scheme.

To become a friend please pay £30 (and feel free to donate more as some have offered if you want!) We appreciate that for some people £30 is hard to find.

By completing the payment information on our Membermojo system:

Friends will be entitled to the equivalent of a 10% discount on the price of an adult season ticket should they buy an adult or family season ticket next year. Please be aware that becoming friend does not entitle you to a discount on any ticketing schemes we may introduce this season if we are able to open.

We would love to open this season but don't want to raise expectations unnecessarily. The truth is we just don't know and it is out of our hands. All any of us can do is stay safe and follow the rules.

Very best wishes from all at the Pells Pool Community Association

Conrad Ryle (Chair of PPCA)
Phil Ranlsey (Pool Manager)