Pool Improvements


2019 Improvements

Showers before entering: to help keep water clean, we hope to install showers which people can easily go through before entering the pool from the lawn. Showering before pool use will mean our water quality is improved and we need use fewer chemicals.
Railing and paving: we will also extend the area of new paving to the right hand side of the pool and new railing to make lawn area safer for small children.
New bike rack: we have installed a small bike rack by the lawn, for those cyclists who want to bring their bike inside 
Changing room signs: large new signs so people know where our changing rooms are! 
Bring your own cup: for coffee or tea and get 20p price discount. Pells travel mugs also on sale. Please bring your own water containers also to fill up from water fountain. And we’re scrapping using polystyrene cups.

2018 Improvements

Warm showers: thanks to the Jo Holden Charitable Trust, the pool-side cold showers will be upgraded and will have warm water. Showering before pool use will mean our water quality is improved and we need use fewer chemicals to keep the water clean.

Hand dryers have been installed in the toilets and heated towel rail in disabled changing area.

Sun Terrace: we will also extend the area of new paving to include the terraced area at the deep end.

New poolside bench: there will be a new bench dedicated to the memory of Robin Charlton who was an important member of the 'Save The Pells Pool' campaign that kept the pool open in the 1990s.

2017 Improvements

Our paddling pool has been fully refurbished - with gentle slope to access to pool, new tiles and dolphin design and new paving surround. Plus the area around has been remodelled to provide more space for families with their toddlers.
Trees: the hornbeams alongside the lawn have been surveyed and some of the lower branches pruned to improve the health of the trees and reduce climbing risk. 
Seats around umbrellas: alongside the paddling pool we have added more seats under the large umbrellas to provide more comfortable area for seating and relaxation.

2016 Improvements

Clear lane markings on the bottom of the pool so lap swimmers can see their way more clearly. As requested in the 2013 survey
Better coffee and ice cream: we're turning the shed by the old mural wall into a new place for coffee and ice cream
New entrance gate: better exit and entrance barrier to help with queuing.

2015 Improvements

New pumps installed for first time since 1992 - twice as efficient and twice as powerful. Allows us to refresh all 350,000 gallons in 4-6 hours.
New large permanent sunshades added to provide cover for children and parents alongside the paddling pool
New wooden seating added to the paddling pool area 
Additional lane rope fastenings added to allow multiple lanes for swimming early morning

2014 Improvements 

Changing rooms completely refitted with new cubicles and soft padded waterproof floor replacing the concrete flooring

2013 Improvements

Improved changing rooms and showers: We have started work on improving the changing rooms. A neat dividing wall has replaced the wooden one between the male and female changing areas, and the old cubicles have been removed. They've been completely decorated and we are installing some more modern cubicles, kindly donated to us by King Alfred's pool in Hove.  Plus we'll be fitting new doors to each entrance.


The two cold showers by the lawn now each have a low surrounding wall on three sides to keep them clean and mud free. The wall behind the hot showers has also been completely re-rendered and painted.
We have exciting plans for more extensive changing room refurbishment too. We are applying for funding for improving the changing rooms and other developments which would mean we can undertake a full changing room upgrade next year.
Keeping the pool cleaner: As well as these more visible improvements we also have an ongoing programme of maintenance in the plant room. This year we have replaced the sand in four of our filters - the other two were done last year - and had new drainage grills and pipes fitted. While this costs quite a bit - around £3000 - it is vital for the maintenance of good water quality.