Terms and conditions for the Pells Pool include the Questions and Answers On The 2022 Season

What are your terms and conditions for ticket sales?
You can book tickets using our online system or at our kiosk:

•    Pells Pool is an unheated pool; the pool water temperature can be 14C or lower when we open at the beginning of the season.
•    In purchasing a ticket, you agree to follow all reasonable lifeguard requests when in the pool and on site, this includes being asked to leave or not enter the water.
•    Please book in advance; tickets are available at the kiosk but if the session is fully booked, we cannot sell any more tickets.
•    No refunds are provided once tickets are booked.
•    No refunds are provided on uses of your Swim Pass.
•    No refunds are provided on unused sessions on your Swim Pass.
•    Swim Pass can be used only for the named person during the season.
•    Tickets can be moved from one session to another, this can be done up until 3 days before the session.
•    Tickets cannot be transferred to other people - they must be booked for a specific, named person.
•    Sessions will always go ahead, irrespective of inclement weather.
•    We will notify those with bookings, in the very unlikely event that sessions are cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.
•    Children under 10yr cannot be admitted without a paying adult.
•    We do not have any season ticket options for our season.
•    Payments are made using credit and debit card, via Stripe. You do NOT need a Stripe account to make a payment.
•    We will need to have the name and contact information (email address for over-16s) for each person attending. This is for the operation of the Bookwhen system.
•    We can sell tickets at the kiosk using this same system, for anyone who has no internet access.
You're unheated - how cool is the water now?
We're putting the water temp the first page of the website - so please check there.
What will arrangements be for your season?
Our 2022 season at the Pells Pool will run every day from Saturday 30th April to Sunday 6th November, please see our booking schedule for sessions and times.

What are the session plans for 2022?
sessions (Monday to Sunday):

Weekdays (Monday to Friday)

•    Early morning lane sessions (1hr): 7am - 8am, 8am - 9am, 9am – 10am adults (16+).
•    Weekday Gentle swim (1hr) 10am – 11am (16+).
•    Open sessions (3hr) * 12pm – 3pm, * 3:30pm – 6:30pm open to all ages.
•    Evening lane sessions (1.5hr): 6:30pm, lane swim for adults and children 10+.
*Please note, pool closed 11am-12pm, 3pm-3:30pm

Weekends (Saturday to Sunday) pattern will be:

•    Morning lane sessions (1hr): 9am – 10am, 10am – 11am, 11am – 12pm (over-16+).
•    Open sessions (3hr) * 1pm – 3pm, * 4:30pm 7:30pm open to all ages.
*Please note, pool closed 12pm-1pm, 4pm-4:30pm

We will always look at how bookings are running over the 2022 season and then set and release the pattern of sessions for the following weeks to make sure they best match what we think the demand will be.

Do You Sell Season Tickets?
No, we no longer sell season tickets. But please see our discounted Swim Pass offers, these allow you to bulk buy your swims.
How does the Swim Pass work?

The Swim Pass works as a multi session pass, making it easier to book whilst giving you a discount at the same time, this makes the price per session for the largest pass £1.50 a session.

We have set this Swim Pass numbers at 15, 30, 60, 100

Adult swimmers are free to book any session during the season they wish with these passes – ie more than once a day, or if someone wants to swim in more than one morning session. The only restrictions are they can be only used for the named person holding the ticket. Children can only be booked into limited sessions; under 10’s open sessions, 10+ open sessions and evening lane swimming.

The reason for placing the “one-person use” restriction is that otherwise this would just be a massive discount, and families/groups could buy all their sessions in this way - and that is not what a class pass is designed to do.

Our "no refund" policy continues to operate with the Swim Pass – ie once you book a session you use up one of your sessions. (The reason for this is so that it avoids any risk of a Swim Pass holder booking up lots of slots and then cancelling at the last minute.)

How does the “Swim Pass” work?

On the Bookwhen system, To buy the Swim Pass, go to the bookwhen system and add the " Swim Pass" to your shopping basket, then choose sessions as normal. (You need to book your first session, at least one specific swim session when you buy the Swim Pass, you can't buy it on its own - that's how the Bookwhen system works.)

Any available sessions booked at the same time as the "Swim Pass" will be counted against the pass. So, for example if you booked 5 morning sessions using the pass, you would be charged for the pass only and the 5 sessions would be scored against your Swim Pass. Every time you then book a session for yourself, the system counts that booking against the pass, until all sessions are used up.
You can see from your booking how many sessions you have used up out of your total.


You can read more about the class pass on the bookwhen system:

•    how to buy a Swim Pass

As an adult, do I also need to be in the water with my children under 8?
Yes - The adult to child ratios for the water, mean for children under 8 adults must be in the water at all times.

When do the next set of tickets go on sale?
Release of tickets will be staggered and a new week of tickets will be released each Thursday, please see our bookwhen booking system

Where can I get tickets for my regular sessions?
From the 11th August tickets for 11 days will be online at any one time. The link to the booking site for future reference is here:

•    Link to booking system now live

Are some people booking multiple sessions a week?
The vast majority of people are booked into a small number of sessions – so over the 11 days of bookable sessions, 90% of people are booked onto 4 sessions or fewer (ie less than 1 a week)

Are people booking lots of sessions and then not turning up?
Again, the evidence suggests not. People who have booked onto sessions, no- one has had zero attendances. (Understandably, those who book most sessions are the keenest to attend.)

Are people releasing tickets in advance though if they can’t attend?
People do of course miss sessions for all sorts of reasons – including travel, illness and so on. If we are notified in advance, we can relist those tickets (as a donation) In the email reminder which goes to all bookings before the session, we remind people that this can be done.
Why are there no tickets available for later in the season?
The bookings have proved massively popular, sessions can be booked up extremely quickly. We are sorry if this means you have missed out on sessions you wanted to book. We keep an eye on the staggered release to make booking easier to navigate.

How come I could choose tickets and then they were gone when I got to checkout?

Tickets may be bought quickly for some sessions, that the Bookwhen systems was trying to cope with massive demand. We are so sorry if this meant a session sold out as you were purchasing.

Are you hosting any special events?
Yes - we have Midnight Swims, Summer solstice swim and the Mid Summer Madness charity event. we may have other one-off events which we will promote here and on social media.

Do you ever have returns for fully booked sessions which we can buy?
Occasionally people let us know they cannot make a session and generously allow us to relist a slot without refund to support the Pells Pool. So occasionally tickets might come free
- In this case the "fully booked" red symbol will not display against a session, until places are booked up again.

How do I check if you have had any returns?
Just check the booking system, If new returns have been made for any session they can be bought. Then the session will show without the red "fully booked" symbol.

What's the best way of getting in touch?
Please read through all this information and on our booking pages. And if you have any other queries, please email pellpool@gmail.com or This is the best way of getting in touch with us.
Can I phone you?
If you need to get in touch with us please do use our email address – we can’t take phone calls easily during the day, since all staff are focused on people at the pool. We do monitor email so you will get responses during the day.

What happens in the event of thunder/lightning?
We follow ROSPA guidance which indicates that when, in the judgement of the lifeguarding team, the lightning is within around 5 miles of the Pells, then we need to clear the pool and get people to safe place. We will allow swimmers back into the pool 30 mins after last sound of thunder.

Are sessions cancelled in advance due to lightning?
No. We do not cancel sessions in advance due to lightning risk since action is needed only if we judge that a storm has come within 5 miles of the pool, and this cannot be predicted in advance.

Can a session be ended early due to lightning?
Yes, if the storm continues to within 30 mins of end of session, we will need to end the session. We would of course consider a refund in such circumstances.

What happens if water quality degrades?
We keep a very careful maintenance of water quality, but with hot weather, heavy use, sun cream in the water and so on this can cause water quality to degrade. This relates to visual quality - ie for lifeguarding safety - not related to health risks from water not being clean to swim in. In such a circumstance, we might have to shock treat the water - which might mean the pool could be closed for a day or two.

Would there be sessions cancelled if this happened?

Yes - it is possible that this degradation of water quality could happen. If we needed to shock treat the pool in the season the closure for a day or two days would mean all sessions cancelled. We would refund tickets in such an event.

Can we bring cycles into the Pells Pool?
Yes, you are welcome to use the cycle rack inside the Pells if you cycle along to the Pool - which we very much encourage. thanks!


Is there Car parking the Pells Pool?
There is no parking for the cars or motor bikes at Pells Pool, there is a large parking in Brook Street. For disabled parking please email us and we will try to confirm a space.

Can I come in on a ticket booked in someone else's name?
No - tickets are sold for a specific person and name and contact details entered at time of booking. They cannot be transferred by the booker to another person. If you want to email us in advance at pellspool@gmail.com we can see what we can do, but we cannot guarantee any change, nor can we admit people under different names.

Do you operate a waiting list for tickets?
Unfortunatly our waiting list wasnt working as well as we had hoped. Therefore we have decided to remove this opition and any tickets released will be put straight back on the system to be brought on a first come first served basis. Please keep checking if you wish to swim in a fully booked session as they may become avalible. 

How many people allowed in the pool?

Our sessions will be limited to around 60 for lane swimming and 175 for open sessions. Specific numbers of tickets will go on sale for each session.
Considering experience, we may alter numbers allowed in as the season progresses, within the limits set by Government and our lifeguarding capacity.

How do I know how many tickets are left for any session?

Where a session is full the "red, no entry" symbol shows. The number of spaces left is show at the top of each session entry. For sessions allowing children in (family and evening lanes) please check that session number, not the tickets left.

(We set ticket limits for each ticket type which allow everything from 60 adults and no children to 100 adults and 100 children. Hence "ticket type" left will be misleading! Apologies, but the system isn't quite clever enough to compare session limits and ticket limits and adjust as sales come in.)
Which days will you be open?
From the day we open, we open 7 days a week for every day of the season.
When will tickets go on sale?

The first fortnight's batch of tickets went on sale on Saturday 9th April 2022. We will then release tickets on a weekly basis - so that there are 11 days of sessions online at one time.

How do I buy tickets?

Tickets should be bought in advance. We have an easy-to-use online system for buying tickets, tickets will be on sale at the kiosk for immediate admission to the pool but! If the session is booked out then no tickets can be sole at the kiosk.

Where is the online system?

The booking system can be found on our website, we released the information on accessing and using the system when we released the first set of tickets.
We use Bookwhen to provide a safe and secure method.

What if I can't get online?

We know some people don't have access to the internet. People in this situation can buy in advance from the kiosk - we use the same online system and sell at the same price and access as for others' booking. This will not be generally available since we do not want to encourage any queuing at the kiosk
- and the same tickets and slots are available to the public online.

Can I turn up and queue without a ticket?

We discourage this. We will admit people with pre-booked tickets first, as booking a ticket for you will take the member of staff away from admitting others. You also run the risk of being turned away if the session is already booked out.
What will the opening hours be?

The sessions we operate from Sat 30th April to Sunday 6th November are as below.
We have 7 sessions on weekdays and 5 on the weekend. weekdays (Mon-Fri):
•    7am-8am; 8am-9am; 9am-10am lane swimming for over-16s (NB these are on weekdays only)
•    10am-11am gentle swim for over-16s (NB these are on weekdays only)
•    12am-3pm; and 3.30pm-6.30pm open sessions, no lane swimming (NB these are on weekdays only)
•    6.30pm-8pm; evening lane swimming, adults and children over 10s allowed (NB these are on weekdays only)

Weekends (Sat-Sun)

•    9am-10am; 10am-11am; 11am-12am lane swimming for over-16s (NB these are on weekdays only)
•    1pm-4pm; and 4.30pm-7.30pm open sessions, no lane swimming (NB these are on weekdays only)

Why are you asking people to arrive 10mins before start of sessions?
We have put this in place so we can do online check in before the session starts so we can admit people as quickly as possible when the session starts. We aim to use our iPad/iPhone to check people in using the Bookwhen system.

What is the latest time I can come into a session?
We would not expect to admit people if there is less than 20 mins of the end of a session, since our staff will be focused on getting ready for change over.
What will the prices be?

Our prices per session are:

•    £3.50 for adults 1-hour sessions
•    £4.00 for adults 90-min sessions
•    £4.50 for adults 3-hour sessions
•    £1.50 child
•    £1.50 concessions
•    Under 5’s Free for open sessions

Will there be concessions?

We do offer concessions on our admissions; we cannot find a practical and
workable way to check and validate everyone’s concessions, so we run it on a honesty basis! given that we wish to admit people as quickly as possible for each session. We will on occasion check proof of concession so please do have it with you, but this will be done with respect by a manager. This is done, to be able sell tickets in advance.

Are children allowed in?

All children are allowed in for the open sessions under 10’s must be accompanied by a paying adult and 10+ are also allowed for the evening lane swim sessions.

Do I have to pay for under 5’s?
Children under 5 are free but we ask you to book them a ticket. PPCA reserves the right to check the ages of children, please email us if there is any problem.

Do I have to buy an adult ticket if only my child is swimming?
We don't have spectator tickets at the Pells - we stopped offering those more than 10 years ago, when very sadly some people misused them, by booking and then swimming once inside. we allow children aged 10 and over to be admitted and swim on their own.
Can my carer come in free?
We can only admit people who are booked into sessions. Carers can of course accompany people to the Pells but please book them a session, using our concession ticket.

What is the adult to child ratios you are allowing?
For admission to the pool, children under-10 will need to be accompanied by an adult and one adult can bring in up to four children with them to the family sessions.
In the water itself adults will need to be always in the pool with their children. child ratios apply - which is for 1:1 for under-4s in the pool, and 1:2 for under-8s. Over- 8s who can swim proficiently are allowed in the water on their own but will continue to be the responsibility of their accompanying adults.
Please note, as with all arrangements we will keep this closely under review and may need to amend these considering experience for everyone’s safety.

Are there limits on numbers in the pool?
Yes - we may need to ask people not to get in if the pool gets full (eg if too many people are already in the pool). Thank you for following all lifeguards’ instructions!
Why was I asked not to enter the water - surely, I have paid for a ticket?
During family sessions we may need to ask people not to enter the water when the pool becomes too full. It has been our experience in practice that this is at most for 5 - 10 minutes until someone gets out. We have taken this approach - ie limiting numbers in the water, as required by government guidelines, rather than setting that limit as the total allowed in per session. This means we can allow up to 175 people to come in for a 3-hour session, knowing that for short periods entry to the water might be restricted. Thank you for making sure we can follow the rules and keep everyone safe.
Do you have showers?
Yes - there are 5 open air showers, 1 cold on the boundary wall and 4 warm by the lawn

Will there be changing facilities?

Yes, we have male and female changing facilities. You are welcome to change on the patio / lawn. We will provide access to the disabled toilets for people with disabilities.

Will the paddling pool be open?

Yes, we regularly empty and clean the paddling pool and try for it to be ready for the open sessions.

Can we bring inflatables?

We do allow inflatables in family sessions. But reserve right to review as we see how this works in practice.

Can we take photographs?
We have a long-standing “no photographs” policy for our pool users. This is to ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable while swimming and using the Pells. This is something that our staff will need to remind people if they see anyone using phones to take pics so, please respect what they say. It’s not easy since people are happy and excited to be at the Pells and wish to share their experience. We ourselves as a pool team take pictures occasionally, either of the pool empty or from a distance of users so that people can see what the pool is like. We have also done portraits of people with permission again for publicity purposes.

Will you have fast and slow lanes?

Yes, for morning and evening lane swimming we have 5 lanes a fast— medium--slow since experience shows this is a better, safer experience for all. In the open sessions we have a minimum of 1 lane
Can we wear wetsuits?

Yes - wetsuits are allowed in Pells Pool, we ask you still to shower before entering the pool.

Can we wear fins or use snorkels?

No - for safety and lifesaving we do not allow fins or snorkels. (Small hand paddles for those doing training are permitted)

Will there be toilet facilities?
Yes – we ask that a maximum of 3 people at any one time so everyone feels comfortable

Will there be showers?

Yes - for hygiene we will ask everyone to shower every time, before they enter the pool.

Will the kiosk be open?

We will aim to have the kiosk open for the open and evening sessions. But we cannot guarantee it will always open - or that we will keep it open throughout a session. We must prioritise the safety of swimmers and put staff activity on this first, not in the kiosk. Thanks for understanding.

Can we bring our own food/ have a picnic?

Yes – please do, you can bring food and drinks (no alcohol)
Is it "swim and go" or can we swim and sit on lawn?
You are allowed to stay for the whole of the session, please follow all lifeguarding instructions, you are free to swim or sit on patio / lawn during session as it suits you.

Can we use the drinking water fountain?

Yes – If you bring a container for our refill point or tap water is available from the kiosk.

How long can we stay?

The sessions will all be for fixed times (eg 1hr in the early mornings; 3hrs for the open sessions; 90 mins for the evening lane sessions)

Why can't we book more in advance?

We are releasing tickets weekly in advance so that this is fair for people seeking to book week by week. And since we might change opening times and session arrangements as we see how this works in practice.

Can I book for private hire?
Given the high demand for the sessions we offer, we are not able to hire the pool during session times 0700 –2000, even for swim schools / clubs. This is to ensure we can maintain water quality throughout the season. Club swimmers are welcome to book and use the pool during normal lane sessions.

What are your Covid-19 precautions?
The main precautions are to follow all the Swim England and RLSS guidelines - and these precautions relate to lifesaving and recovery arrangements, and distancing in the water and out of the water. We will also have enhanced cleaning arrangements in places.