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Swimming towards wellness

The Swims for Wellbeing initiative

At Pells Pool, we believe that swimming is not just a leisure activity; it's a powerful tool for enhancing physical and mental wellbeing. We’re thrilled to celebrate the success of our ‘Swims for Wellbeing’ project, which has been enabling positive change in our community for the past three seasons.

Our collaboration with the local GP Practice, Foundry Healthcare, plus funding from Enjoolata Trust, has been instrumental in bringing this initiative to life.

In 2021, we first welcomed patients into the programme, whereby Foundry Healthcare staff could refer patients, whose health or wellbeing could benefit, for five free swim sessions at the pool.

Their positive feedback inspired us to continue into the 2022 season, where we fine-tuned the project based on valuable input from participants. During 2023 we saw a significant increase in referrals, giving even more patients the opportunity to embrace the benefits of outdoor swimming in their community.

A dive into health and community wellness

The heart of the project lies in the experiences of our participant swimmers. They've shared stories of improved mental health, enhanced physical strength, and new-found confidence. One patient even referred to their swim pass as a ‘prescription’ for wellbeing. We've been touched by their journeys and are committed to continuing our support.

2024 season

As we look ahead to next season, we're excited to announce our plans for Swims for Wellbeing in 2024:

  • Better data collection: We’ll have a more robust system, to make sure we can better track attendance and measure the impact of the programme

  • Improved communication: We'll be working closely with Foundry Healthcare to streamline the referral process, ensuring that those who need it most can benefit

  • Online booking: We're exploring the possibility of online booking, to make access even easier for our participants, alongside our continued commitment of booking support for individuals who may need it.

Foundry Healthcare has recently contacted past participants to complete a short user experience survey, and we’d be pleased to receive any further thoughts or comments to help us tailor the programme.

Finally, we would like to thank our dedicated Pells Pool team, Foundry Healthcare staff, the Members of the Pells Pool Community Association and the Enjoolata Foundation for their invaluable support and collaboration in making Swims for Wellbeing a success.

The project demonstrates that healthcare and community organisation collaborations are not only possible but immensely valuable, creating positive changes in enhancing the wellbeing of our community. We look forward to more participants swimming towards wellness throughout 2024.

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