Welcome to the Pells Pool, the oldest documented freshwater outdoor public swimming pool in the country. In the beautiful town of Lewes in East Sussex, we celebrated our 150th anniversary in 2011 and continue to welcome thousands to our unique lido pool in the summer months each year.  


The Pells Pool is a spring-fed pool - 46 metres long by 23 metres wide. There are facilities for the whole family to enjoy, from our tree-lined green lawn, sun terrace and exercise lane, to our children's paddling pool, rafts and other recreational equipment. 


Come for the day and enjoy a picnic on the tree-lined lawn. We serve pizza, coffee & tea, soft drinks & ice cream. The Pleasant Stores stall at the pool also provides delicious baked goods.




Our 2015 season will restart at noon on Saturday 16 May and runs until Sunday 13 September. 



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General day prices kept the same for fifth year running! All day tickets £4 for adults and £2 for children: full detail of ticket prices.


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We're proud to say that you can now donate to the Pells Pool through the Local Giving site - and easily gift-aid your donation. Just click on the button to go to our pages. 


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